Client Testimonials

About my case
From: Shawn B. 

Thanks to your organization, I received the response from the Ventura County Department of Child Support Services. They accepted our offer to settle for $4,000 out of $20,870 that I owed them. My family and I are very happy. We went through hard times before I worked with you guys. You guys are doing the public a great service and should be saluted for your efforts.  I would like to become an advocate for your cause and keep this service going.

Sent from above
From: Joe L. 

I just wanted to send you a very gracious Thank You!! from the bottom of my heart, Nancy. If it wasn’t for my searching and choosing the right organization on the internet, I’d probably still be going through what I was experiencing then. You were sent from above to help me in my situation because the man upstairs knew I was at my wits end. You did everything you said you would do for me and I did not have to sell my soul to pay for your services and for that I am grateful Nancy. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Compromise of Arrears Program
From: Michael P. 

Three years ago I found your website, but was hesitant to pay the fee, because I found you on the internet. I hired an attorney in Orange County and paid him $2,000 to help with the compromise of arrears. After 1 year, he got me more debt. So, I came back to your organization. I received a letter today from the Department of Child Support Enforcement that they have agreed to take $750 out of the $25,238, they said I owe, and then case closed forever. These results are all because of the strategy you used when presenting my case to the DA. I cannot thank you enough.

Child Support
From: Dennis S.

Thank you for your help. I feel that the work you did to reduce my child support was a BARGAIN! I contacted numerous attorneys including my own divorce attorney and the smallest retainer they wanted to just talk to me cost more than what you charged me for the whole case. The instructions that you sent me were easy to understand and the checklist you provided helped me to prepare when I went to file.  The lady at the court even said, “It’s rare that fathers come in so prepared.”  I will continue to recommend other fathers to you.

Fathers Rights Child Support
From: Larry S. 

Great News!! Robert got his release of drivers license in the mail today. He is very excited, and quite thankful for all of the hard works you put forth to make this happen. I want to personally thank you for being so patient and diligent in your pursuit of Robert’s driver’s license. You lifted a big load off of his chest. You made a difference in our lives.

Thank you
From: James 

I wish to thank you for the help you’ve given me. It has reduced the child support arrears from some $47,000 to about $19,000 directly as a result of your knowledge regarding “no interest” in the originating state. Further, Los Angeles County has asked the state of PA for their records to assist in determining the correct amount of back child support. As of writing this, I sent the County a check for the first payment and they have released my drivers license. This is a quantum accomplishment! In short, I owe all of this to you and your organization’s efforts to date. I have referred several people to you both in Nevada and CA and, anyone who asks about your firm may call me for a recommendation anytime.

Child Support in Texas
From: Brett W. 

You’re my lifesavers. I was so afraid that the Texas Attorney General was going to send me to jail because of the back child support when I received that Motion for Enforcement from the Lubbock County AG’s office. But, your office not only got them to agree to drop the charges, but also got the attorney general to agree to a reduction on the current child support. I’ll never forget my ex-wife’s face when the judge agreed to modify the child support instead of sending me to jail! I owe this to you people. I know I made mistakes in the past, but I’m all cleaned up and sober now and promise to keep up with my end of the bargain and send those payments. Thanks for helping me get another chance with this.

Child support arrears adjusted
From: Marc M. 

Nancy, I cannot say Thank you enough for your belief in me and your persistent hard work. I can now make some arrangements to pay it off and eventually get my passport. I will keep you for future reference and referral to other men like myself who are in dire need of the service you provide. If you EVER need anything from me please let me know. God bless you and thanks

From: Isabel S. 

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help. Ramon made out pretty good. His current child support was reduced from $649 a month for Jessica to $325 a month and the payments on the back child support were reduced from $400 a month to $150 a month. This is such a blessing for us. You saved our marriage! We will not be hurting anymore. The judge seemed pissed that the Department of Child Support Services had caused us into poverty. We can’t thank you enough for all of your help. Hopefully this is the end of it. If anything comes up, I know where to find this wonderful organization. If I ever hear a father complain about his unfair child support I will give them your number. Best of luck and keep on doing the great job helping these poor fathers. God Bless, Isabel Silva.

From: Gary W. 

Thanks to your organization, my ex-wife agreed to close her portion of the back child support and I received a notice from the San Bernardino Child Support Services that they have accepted my offer for $7,000 to settle for the remaining $30,000 welfare balance. I’m getting a loan and paying this off soon. I’m really tired of dealing with them taking all of my tax refunds and taking any money I put in the bank. Thanks to your staff and all their negotiations on my behalf, I can have my life back.

Fathers Rights
From: S.C. Murphy 
This is Cordel Murphy.  I wanted to let you know that last week, the NY SCU released my drivers license with no lump sum all because of your help. I will do as you told me and keep making my monthly payments on time.  Because of me being without a license and unable to work, my ex and son have been hurting from all of this too. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will pass your name and number to everyone I know who is being abused by the SCU. It feels good to be back at work and having a decent life again. I was blessed to find this amazing fathers rights group. Thanks. Cordel.

Florida and Texas Child Support Services
From: Jason Cox 
I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you and your staff have done for me. I can’t believe that the Florida Department of Revenue – Child Support Enforcement has agreed to release the warrant and my real estate license and the Texas Attorney General Office will be closing their case against me! The Child Support Enforcement people just did not understand that without my license I cannot work and without a job, I cant pay any child support. All they kept telling me when I called is send your payment. Now I don’t have to deal with them anymore thanks to you. I will tell everyone how you changed my life.

Child Support Services
From: Aaron S. 

You are AWESOME! Thank you for getting the Missouri Child Support Enforcement to finally communicate with the CA Department of Child Support Services, so that my child support account would be properly credited. I have been disputing the back child support for the last 5 years, but no one would listen to me till you stepped in. Because of your willingness to fight for me, the CA Department of Child Support Services has completed the audit and credited me $15 K. Now instead of owing back child support, I am overpaid. These results were achieved because of your help. Please feel free to give out my number to anyone who asks for a reference.

From: Cindy M. 

Thank you for all the support and help you’ve given Mark. Before talking with you he was depressed and ready to quit life all together because his last attorney did such a horrible job and charged him $5,000 for nothing.
Kimberly was served with the AZ modification forms and twenty minutes later Kim called Mark wanting to agree to a lower child support amount and visitation. God definitely put you and this organization in Mark’s path…Take Care. Sincerely, Mrs. Morse (Mark’s mom)

CSE in Austin TX
From: Richard W. 
Wanted to write this email to thank you for believing me and fighting on my behalf. I thought no one would ever help me. I kept getting these harassing calls and letters from the collection agency called “CSE” in Austin, TX, for a child I never got to see. Your staff communicated with the CSE and got them to agree to drop all the false interest charges of $20,000, which left me with the principal of $10,000. Then, Nancy in your office, negotiated on my behalf and got the CSE to agree to taking $107/month. Four months  later, the CSE worker called and started bugging me again for a lump sum. So, I called your office and your staff permanently stopped them from harassing me. I received a letter from the CSE attorney stating that as long as I keep up the payments, they will no longer bother me. So, I just wanted to say thanks for being on my side.

Best Fathers Rights Organization
From: Matthew P. 

When I lost my job and had back child support arrears, the California Department of Child Support Services issued a driver’s license suspension, passport suspension, took my tax refunds, and put a levy on my bank account. I tried to resolve the drivers license suspension and passport suspension but the case worker refused to cooperate. With my drivers license suspended because of child support, I couldn’t get a job and had more arrears and interest charged. All the Los Angeles child support attorneys I spoke to were interested in one thing: how much money can they make out of this. A friend referred me to Child Support Survival Services for fathers. I paid for the service and in a month, my driver’s license was reinstated and after helping me with the Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP), 3 months later, my balance was reduced by 63% of what I owed. Since I don’t have a lump sum of money to pay off the new balance, the Los Angeles Department of Child Support Services attorney agreed to give me 3 years to make payments on the new reduced back child support arrears balance. When my representative from Child Support Survival played me a message that the Los Angeles Department of Child Support Services attorney had left for her about my case, I knew that the results were because I had the right organization advocating and fighting for my rights. It was obvious that the DCSS attorney knew my representative at Child Support Survival because he referred to my representative by her first name, said it was “nice to hear from her” and respected her. Finally an organization who gives support for fathers was on my side! From this whole ordeal I learned that family law attorneys make money hand over fist in this business, case workers are biased, judges and Los Angeles Department of Child Support Services are harsh when it comes to enforcing child support but don’t care when it comes to enforcing visitation. Having a low cost fathers rights organization that gives support for fathers and advocates for fathers, like Child Support Survival Services, may be your only chance for justice in your child support situation.