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Are you a father who needs help with child support? Do you need to reduce your child support? Do you owe a high back child support arrears balance? Is the Division of Child Support Enforcement after you for back child support arrears? Is the high wage garnishment causing you and your new family a financial hardship? Is your driver’s license, professional license, or passport suspended? Do you contest the child support arrears balance? Concerned you will never pay off the back child support arrears balance and high interest charges? Do you want to reduce and settle the child support arrears balance so you can finally get out of paying child support arrears? Interested in a Child Support Arrears Forgiveness Program that will enable you to get the child support arrears dismissed forever? We Can Help You. Fathers have rights too!

Child Support Survival Services is a low-cost high quality alternative to hiring a child support attorney. Since 1999, we have been fathers’ advocates helping fathers obtain modification for reduction of child support orders, resolving their back child support arrears problems, helping contest child support arrears that are incorrect, assisting with a settlement of the past due child support arrears with the other parent, and helping waive the child support debt owed to the government through a child support arrears forgiveness program.

How to Reduce Child Support

Child support can be reduced if there has been a significant change in circumstances. Common reasons for lowering child support include an involuntary reduction income, disability, or increase in visitation with the child. We can help you reduce child support orders and will assist you if your Ex is seeking an unreasonable increase in your current child support payments. We have the same child support calculator as the judges, know how child support is calculated, and can help you prepare your court documents and Income and Expense Declaration to effectively show the financial hardship you are experiencing.

Settle Child Support Arrears

We deal directly with the Office of Child Support Enforcement, Division of Child Support Services, Department of Revenue, Attorney Generals Office and all other government and private child support collection agencies. We can assist you in all areas of their enforcement, including back child support arrears issues. If you contest the back child support arrears balance because you have made payments and not received credit, if you dispute the child support arrears balance because more than one state is enforcing on the same child support case, if you contest child support arrears because the Division of Child Support has continued to charge you child support after your children were emancipated or you were charged child support while your children lived with you, if you oppose the arrears balance because Social Security Administration paid benefits to your children and you did not receive credit, or for any other reason you believe the Division of Child Support Services is making a mistake with the claimed past due child support arrears balance, We Can Help You

How to Contest Child Support Arrears

To contest child support arrears, we first have to determine how the Child Support Services Division is claiming you owe the alleged debt. Records of the Child Support Services Division are not always correct. Therefore, it is imperative that we obtain your financial payment history, copies of all child support orders, and audit your account. Then we can request an administrative review by the Child Support Services staff attorney. In most cases, the DCSS attorney will review your evidence and make a decision that should resolve the child support arrears. There is a misconception that complaints to government will be ignored. This is false. Most people fail at getting results administratively, because they don’t know how to do it correctly. If, however, the dispute of your arrears is not resolved administratively, we will continue to assist you with preparing the court documents and motion to get child support arrears dismissed based on the reason that you contest child support arrears. We will not stop fighting the arrears and will not charge you extra.

If the wage garnishment for back child support arrears is unaffordable, we can assist you in obtaining a lower repayment plan on the arrears. We understand that when the payments on the past due child support are too high, your incentive to work is less.

If you want to reduce the entire back child support arrears balance by making a compromise for settlement, we can coordinate the forgiveness of a large portion of the past due child support balance with the Child Support Enforcement Office or we can help you obtain a fair settlement in full with either the custodial parent or with the Child Support Enforcement Office. We know with the high interest charges, many of you will never pay off your child support arrears balances. We believe everyone deserves a second chance to fix their previous mistakes.

If you want to know how to get out of paying child support, we cannot help you. But, if you want affordable and honest help because you need to dispute your arrears, reduce current child support or high wage garnishments on the back child support, stop bank levies, reduce tax refund interceptions,  want to keep your drivers license, business license, passport, or obtain a release of any of your licenses or passport, or want to settle your child support arrears balance and get your child support arrears dismissed forever, We Can and Will Help You.

It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday’s choices, do something about it TODAY. Don’t stay stuck.

We at Fathers Child Support Services urge you to contact us today for a free consultation.

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Child Support Survival Services is a BBB Accredited Legal Clinic in Los Angeles, CA

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