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Thank you to you and everyone at your organization! I received the response from the Ventura County Department of Child Support Services that they accepted our offer to settle for $4,000 out of the... read

Are you a father having trouble paying child support? Do you need a reduction in child support? Do you have a high back child support arrears balance? Is the Division of Child Support Enforcement or District Attorney after you for back child support arrears? Are your wages garnished? Has your driver’s license, professional license or passport been suspended? Caseworker giving you the run-around? Feel as if you will never payoff the back child support arrears balance and high interest charges? Has a warrant been issued for your arrest? Your frustrations are over! We can help you.

Child Support Survival Services is a low-cost high quality alternative to hiring an attorney. We are dedicated to helping fathers obtain modification for reduction of child support orders and resolving their back child support arrears problems. 

We can help you to reduce child support orders, and we will assist you if your Ex is seeking an unreasonable increase in your current child support payments.

We have the same child support calculator program that the judges use. We can calculate the amount of child support you will be obligated to pay before you even step into court.

We deal directly with the Child Support Enforcement, Division of Child Support Services, Department of Revenue, Attorney Generals Office and all other child support collection agencies. We can assist you in all areas of their enforcement, including back child support arrears issues. If you are disputing the back child support arrears balance because you have made payments and not received credit, or there is more than one state or collection agency enforcing on the same child support case, the Division of Child Support Enforcement has continued to charge you child support after your children emancipated, or for any other reason that you believe that the Division of Child Support Enforcement is making a mistake with the balance they claim you owe, we can help you. We will help you obtain an audit of your account to determine the actual amount of back child support arrears you owe and/or file a motion with the Court to verify your true back child support arrears balance.

If the amount being garnished from your paycheck for back child support arrears is unaffordable, we can assist you in obtaining a lower and reasonable repayment plan. If you want to reduce the entire back child support arrears balance, we can coordinate the forgiveness of a portion of the past due child support balance with the Child Support Enforcement Office or we can help you obtain a fair settlement in full with either the custodial parent or with the Child Support Enforcement Office, depending on the state involved with your case.

We can help you reduce current child support orders, high wage garnishments on the back child support, stop bank levies, reduce tax refund interceptions, obtain release of any warrants for your arrest, and we can assist you in keeping your drivers license, business license, passport, or obtaining a release of any of your licenses if any have already been suspended.

We at Fathers Child Support Services urge you to contact us today.